One Misconception That May Be Killing Your Business

by Robin Sacks

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One of the first pieces of advice I give to most of my clients is to share, share, share!

Get your stuff out there!

Get your ideas out there. Write articles that help people step through a process. Record a short video giving away answers to questions you get all the time. Find opportunities to participate by giving your thoughts, advice, and answers away.


Because the best way to show someone that you can help them is to help them!

Too often, people want to hold back on "giving away" their expertise or pieces of their programs or systems. They honestly believe that "people will not pay for those things if you give them away."

Someone who argues with that 'logic' does not understand two basic things about human behavior.

One, people are not buying your product or service, people are buying you. It is your leadership and coaching and training that actually helps them to move forward, not just your program and information. I've got news for you...there is nothing new out there - no, not even your stuff! Everything has been done and everything has been said. For thousands of years, most of what you do has already been being done.

The difference? Sometimes it is how something is said or presented. At other times, it is the timing of someone hearing the message they have heard a hundred times before at a time when they are ready to hear it. And sometimes it is simply because your personal energy allows them to get excited about or believe in something.

YOU are the difference. Not your "stuff."

Two, nobody is going to take your stuff and run with it! I had a client who was so afraid that, if she put too much out there, not only would people not buy her products and services, but that someone would steal it all and sell it on their own!

Here's the thing...the reason that is ridiculous is simply because, it's not that easy! Your program is more than just "copy and paste." (At least, I HOPE it is!!!) If you have so little substance to your program or service that literally anyone could pick it up and "run with it," you don't really have a program or service!

Again, YOU are the difference.

The best way to show someone that you can help them is to help them - not tell them you can help them if they buy your stuff.

People are wiling to pay you for your product or service IF you have helped them experience something positive for themselves. The experience is what they will invest in. Without that experience, you are just another salesperson.

If you are not showing-up with tips and tools and suggestions and advice consistently, you are missing opportunities to grow your business right now.

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