The Uniform Changes, the Player Does Not

by Robin Sacks

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When a great athlete is traded to another team, that athlete has not changed. That athlete still possesses the same talent she did before. That athlete still has the same work ethic he did before. That athlete is the same athlete that athlete was before.

What has changed are the uniform, the fans, the place of play and the teammates.

That athlete has not changed.

That athlete can now bring his or her talent, efforts, and experiences to what is new.

When clients come to me and share that they are experiencing "imposter syndrome" because of the level they have reached in their company or that they have changed careers and fear that their old contacts won't take them seriously because they are "new" to this industry, I remind them of the most important thing they need to remember; the uniform has changed, the name on the front says something different, the teammates are new and your "stadium" is at a new location.

But guess what has not changed? The athlete. The name on the back has not changed, and that is the real reason people did business with you before and will again.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay.

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