One Shift That Got Me Two Extra Hours Every Day

by Robin Sacks

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It's easy to get lost in social media.

No...I mean it's REALLY easy to get lost!

We have all had the experience of stopping to look at something for a moment and coming up for air two hours later wondering what happened.

That is how social media gets a generalized label of being an attention pit.

However, I have found a way that really helps me to get in, enjoy it a little bit, get what I need and get back out pretty quickly.

Doing this one thing keeps me in control of my social media so it doesn't take control of me!

I treat each of my social media platforms as a different employee of mine that I can go to and get anything, based on what I need in that moment.

Just as I would never go to the IT department to mock up a marketing piece or go to the sales department to figure out how to read the last quarter's earnings statement, why would I go to Twitter for something Facebook is a better choice for or LinkedIn to post my Instagram pictures.

Just as there are some employees I would go to to get answers and there are others I would meet at the proverbial water cooler to just chat with and relax for a few minutes before getting back to work.

Choose how you are going to use each platform and then stick to it.

For example, I use Facebook to keep up with my friends and family...period. I use Twitter to watch what is trending and be able to get high level news and opinions about it from different sides very quickly and easily (since I do not watch the news)...period. I use Instagram to both follow and post positive messages and things that make me smile/laugh...period. I use LinkedIn daily to "show-up" and add value from a business standpoint...period.

Here's the thing...never the different medias shall meet!

Keeping them separate makes it easy to know exactly where to go to get what I want or need now.

Not only does that make it less tempting to "stick around" and keep scrolling, but it adds hours of available (read: not lost) time to my days and weeks!

I challenge you to take an honest look at your current social media platforms. Do they overlap? Are they pretty separate, and used for distinct things? Do you have a single place to go to make you think? A single place to go to make you smile and get re-energized when you need it? A single place to educate yourself?

If not, give this idea a try. You will be amazed at how your clarity, confidence, and available time benefit from it.

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