There is no "Mover" Without a "Shaker"

by Robin Sacks

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I don't want to change the world.

Nor do I want to write the book that changes the world or be the advocate that impacts millions of lives or the head of a company that creates positive change affecting generations yet to come.

I want to help people find their voice and their confidence so they can believe in their value so THEY can change the world.

I may not write the most impactful book, but I may have taught the person who does how to tell a great story.

I may not be the biggest social advocate for change, but I may be the one who helped the person who is learn to stand up with confidence and make a difference.

I may not be the head of the company, but I may be the one who helped that person discover their own ability to lead others effectively.

I may not be the mover, but I may have been the shaker.

You don't have to do it all, but don't ever forget the impact you may have had on another to do something amazing.

When you show-up, you inspire others.

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